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14th April 2022 – Author: Katie Baker
Reinsurance broker Gallagher Re has appointed Arnaud Mézière as Executive Director, France Benelux Life & Health.
Mézière joins Gallagher Re from Reinsurance Group of America, where he worked in the French region as a Business Development specialist.
Prior to that position, he worked as NEEM Strategy Analyst at BNP Paribas Cardif, and before that was Head of actuarial function at Icare Assurance.
Gallagher Re commented: “Delighted to announce that Arnaud Mézière has joined us as Executive Director to lead our expansion of traditional reinsurance in the life markets of France and Belgium.
“A qualified actuary & life insurance specialist, Arnaud brings 20 years’ industry insight and experience.”
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Earlier this month Gallagher Re also reported that continued reinsurer pricing pressure faded during the course of the April 1 renewals in Japan, which was characterised by an “orderly” process with nuanced pricing dynamics.
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