Mortgage Safety Insurance coverage 2022

Mortgage Safety Insurance coverage

Mortgage Safety Insurance coverage
Mortgage Safety Insurance coverage;Protect your Mortgage with Income Protection Insurance is a specific type of income protection insurance (IPI) that provides a monthly sum to meet your mortgage repayments should you be unable to work.
For many of us, our mortgage is our biggest monthly outgoing, and being unable to make the repayments through no fault of our own – such as due to illness, an accident or involuntary unemployment – can be a huge worry. Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders show that 7,700 homes in the UK were repossessed in 2016.
Protect your Mortgage with Income Protection Insurance (PMIP) takes care of things should an emergency happen, preventing your home from being repossessed until you recover your health or find a new job.
Depending on your circumstances, some Government support is available to help with mortgage payments, but these usually cover just the interest and not the repayments themselves. If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, talk to your lender in the first instance to see what support they can offer.
As with any insurance, you can choose Protect your Mortgage with Income Protection Insurance (PMIP) to suit your particular lifestyle and needs, with the premium, or cost, depending on what’s included in the policy. You can choose MPPI to protect against:
Injury or illness could potentially prevent you working for months and leave you unable to pay the bills, unless your employer offers a very generous sick pay scheme. Accident and sickness mortgage protection insurance takes away some of that financial worry.
Protect your Mortgage with Income Protection Insurance (PMIP) can help support you while you find a new job if your employer makes you involuntarily redundant. However, you may not be covered if you choose to take redundancy or if you resign from your job, so make sure you check the conditions of your policy carefully.
Some mortgage protection insurance policies include accident, sickness and unemployment and are known as ASU policies.
Insurers offer a variety of PMIP policies and it’s essential to understand what is and isn’t included, as well as to plan for any shortfall in cover. For example, many policies don’t begin until 31 or 60 days after you’ve been unable to work and, although payments are usually backdated to ‘day one’, you would need to plan how to meet those one or two mortgage payments in the meantime.
Also, mortgage protection insurance won’t pay your mortgage indefinitely! Some policies provide cover for up to two years while others cover for a year, although some accident and sickness policies will meet repayments until you reach retirement age.
Depending on your policy, benefits of mortgage protection insurance can include:
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